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South London and Maudsley (SLaM) can date its origins back to the foundation of Bethlem Royal Hospital in 1247, the oldest psychiatric institution in the world.

The hospital has been situated in many different locations over the years but arrived at its current home of Denmark Hill thanks to the eminent psychiatrist Dr Henry Maudsley. In 1908, he offered London County Council £30,000 (subsequently increased to £40,000) towards the costs of establishing a "fitly equipped hospital for mental diseases". His vision was for a hospital rather than an asylum for people with mental health issues. 

Today, we offer the widest range of mental health services in the UK. We’re developing new ways to treat conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s to drug addiction. And we’re trialing methods to detect and treat mental health problems earlier.

Will you help us continue this crucial work in the years to come?

Leaving a gift in your will to South London and Maudsley costs you absolutely nothing now, and is a wonderful way to give something back, perhaps to acknowledge the treatment and care that you or a loved one received. 

All gifts, no matter the size, make a real difference in helping us provide the best possible care. Even leaving a small percentage of your estate, after you have provided for friends and family, can have a lasting impact on the future of how South London and Maudsley can support people with mental health issues.

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