Maudsley Charity funds new scholarships

31.10.14 Categories: How donations help, News

A group of aspiring mental health professionals from different backgrounds are taking their studies to the next level.

Ten talented graduates are receiving financial support from a new scholarship scheme so that they can study on postgraduate mental health courses at the prestigious Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN, formerly known as the Institute of Psychiatry), which is part of King’s College London.

Funding for the King’s Access to the Professions Scholarship scheme comes from HEFCE (the government’s higher education funding body) and from Maudsley Charity, which is working in partnership with the IoPPN and Maudsley Learning to run the project.

‘We are aiming to encourage under-represented groups to enter the profession,’ says Genevieve Glover, Maudsley Learning’s Managing Director. ‘Winning a scholarship at the world-renowned institute is a great opportunity for people who may not normally be able to fund postgraduate study.’

This summer, Maudsley Learning helped the IoPPN to promote the scheme and to draw up a shortlist of scholarship candidates for recruitment into postgraduate courses that cover a wide range of subjects such as child and adolescent mental health, family therapy, dementia, addiction and neuro-imaging.

‘We have used our networks in mental health, our fantastic venue and our social media to complement the IoPPN’s promotion of the scheme and attract students from a broader section of society,’ says Genevieve. ‘We’ve been delighted with the academic qualifications and talents of the people who have applied.’

To prepare them for the year ahead, the successful scholars took part in a week-long summer school at the ORTUS learning and events centre, produced with the IoPPN and hosted by Maudsley Learning.

Maudsley Learning will help arrange suitable internships to ensure scholars gain hands-on experience in a variety of settings, something that will be of great value as they navigate towards possible careers in mental health services.

As the scheme is a pilot with funding for one year, the team involved in the project will monitor the scholars’ progress to provide evidence of its success in encouraging a wider cross-section of people to enter mental health professions.

‘This sort of collaboration is exactly what Maudsley Learning is here for,’ says Genevieve. ‘With our strong social agenda and impressive network of partnerships, we can help the IoPPN to reach out to new audiences and open doors to people who may have struggled to afford postgraduate study.'

Your support can help fund students to continue their studies in vital areas of mental health.

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