Warning Signs: catching mental health issues early

22.02.12 Categories: Young people

Reducing the stigma of mental health problems

SLaM works to eliminate the stigma that keeps many teens and young adults from seeking help for mental health issues.

According to Steven Badger, a psychiatric nurse and team manager, a large number of young people, particularly from minority populations, ignore the early warning signs of mental health issues. As a result, people many wait until the problem has become so serious they resort to emergency services.

So the Maudsley has teamed up with Outreach and Support in South London (OASIS) to encourage area residents between the ages of 14 and 35 to find help before going to A&E.

Through this programme mental health practitioners visit churches, schools and colleges encouraging young adults who feel depressed or anxious to seek help

OASIS also advises family members on how to recognise early symptoms of disorders such as psychosis.

You can support the OASIS programme by giving a gift to SLaM.

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